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What is LiLFeS?
System Requirements
Mailing List

What is LiLFeS?

LiLFeS is a programming language using Typed Feature Structures. LiLFeS features

By use of Feature Structure libraries for C++ language, you can apply Feature Structures and Unification to various applications. More infomation about LiLFeS is here.

System Requirements

OS: Linux, Solaris
Compiler: g++ 3.2 or newer
You can also compile LiLFeS on Cygwin.


binary packages

Download the latest binary package for your particular platform from here. Currently, the following platforms are supported:

Install Example

> cp liblilfes-x.x_platform.tar.gz /usr/local
> cd /usr/local
> tar xvzf liblilfes-x.x_platform.tar.gz

x.x is a version number of the package.
platform is redhat9 or turbo8amd

source package

Download the latest source package of LiLFeS (liblilfes-x.x.tar.gz) from here.

Install Example

> tar xvzf liblilfes-x.x.tar.gz
> cd liblilfes-x.x
> ./configure

> make install

x.x is a version number of the source files.


LiLFeS Users Manual
LiLFeS Users Manual (Japanese)
Reference of Builtin Package
Reference of Builtin Package (Japanese)
Reference of LiLLiB Package
Reference of LiLLiB Package(Japanese)

Maling List

We have a mailing list to discuss LiLFeS in Japanese. Your participation is welcome. To participate the LiLFeS mailing list, send a mail to lilfes-ctl@is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp with body "subscribe your-name". Your mail address will be added automatically.



LiLFeS itself

SLUNG (Japanese HPSG grammar on LiLFeS)

XHPSG (English grammar on LiLFeS, converted from XTAG)

Sequential HPSG Parsers on LiLFeS

Parallel HPSG Parsers on LiLFeS

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